Nunavut Cannabis

‍With no roads leading out of town, you might not expect to find much in the way of a thriving local cannabis scene. But for the 2,000 or so residents of Nunavut, this is exactly what exists.

The hamlet has become home to a booming cannabis industry that could change the North forever. These small communities are seeing a lot of green thanks to growing demand for cannabis products in Canada.

In Q3 2018, licensed producers shipped more than 29 million grams of dried cannabis flower and oils to domestic and international markets. That’s good news for Northern communities—and even better news for their investors and residents.

If you’d rather spend your time exploring winter landscapes of Nunavut than bouncing between one dispensary and another looking for cannabis, read on to find out more about mail order marijuana services in the province.

What’s Driving Growth in the Nunuvat Cannabis Industry?

A confluence of factors has driven growth in the Canadian cannabis industry in recent years. First, Canada’s federal legalization of recreational cannabis products has provided a boost to industry growth. More people are now able to legally purchase and use cannabis products—including dried flower, oils, and edibles.

Canada’s medical cannabis program has seen increased participation. Medical cannabis is helpful for treating a variety of conditions and symptoms, such as nausea, pain, insomnia, and anxiety. As a result of these factors, cannabis companies have seen demand for their products grow significantly. More importantly, the companies are now able to sell their products across Canada and abroad. This is bringing in significant revenue for many industry players.

Nunavut Liquor and Cannabis (NULC)
Nunavut Liquor and Cannabis (NULC)

How Does Legalized Nunavut Cannabis Help Communities?

As mentioned above, the legalization of cannabis has benefitted the entire country. But there’s more to it than that. In particular, the way that the industry has been structured has benefited specific regions. In particular, Canada’s federal government has opted to put a high priority on product variety, quality, and integrity. As a result, the regulatory framework has placed a special emphasis on federally-licensed producers (LPs).

These are the companies that grow cannabis for sale to consumers across the country. Now that cannabis has been legalized, there’s a high demand for LPs. And these companies are choosing to build their facilities in regions across the country. In particular, they’re choosing to build in the North. These areas are often seen as ideal because of their low operation costs.

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Mail Order Marijuana in Nunavut

One of the largest territories of Canada, Nunavut is actually a winter wonderland for those who love snow and low temperatures. The province stretches as far north as you can reach. Although cannabis is widely acceptable in Canada, it may be still hard to get locally in some places. Moreover, with such cold weather, who would want to waste their time looking for marijuana locally? Not every place in Nunavut offers high-quality cannabis at affordable prices.

No worries though, here at Herb Approach, we want to help you heat up your time in this wintery province. In fact, you won’t have to leave your home to get your hands on your favorite green goodies.

We offer only top-notch marijuana strains and products provided by the best Canadian manufacturers, who use organic practices when growing their gorgeous smelling plants.

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How much will Cannabis Cost in Nunavut?

Legal cannabis will be sold by licensed retailers for $11 a gram in Nunavut. Herb Approach however has flowers currently at about $5 a gram. The high cost of cannabis is a commonly cited grievance amongst consumers and could discourage people from buying it. As per the NULC, the price of cannabis is high to help offset the government’s high licensing fee structure.

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Bottom line

The cannabis industry is booming in Nunavut. But it’s important to remember that it’s booming in all parts of the country. It’s not just happening in the major cities. It’s happening in the smaller, less-populated regions too.

In particular, the North is benefitting from the cannabis industry. This is thanks to low operating costs and high demand for high-quality cannabis products. There are many ways to capitalize on the cannabis industry. But one of the best ways is to invest in public cannabis stocks. Because these stocks have seen such a dramatic rise, there’s never been a better time to invest.