For many people, the legalization of cannabis in Canada is seen as a game changer. But how will this change affect you? How do you get started with the new licensing rules? What do you know about purchasing and using marijuana in Manitoba?

Unfortunately, even though marijuana is now legal in Canada, there are very few locations to find good cannabis products in Manitoba.

Thus, many individuals may want to order their favorite green goodies from an online marijuana dispensary – such as Herb Approach.

This article aims to be a quick resource for anyone who wants to learn about getting started with cannabis in Manitoba.

The Basics of Cannabis Legalization in Manitoba

Legalization of cannabis has been a controversial topic for years. The government has been struggling to understand the best way to regulate and distribute the drug to the public.

In Manitoba, it appears that the government has decided to go with a private model. The federal government has set up a licensing system for private cannabis retailers in each province. This means that cannabis isn’t available for public purchase at government-run shops.

It also means that you can’t buy medical cannabis at these locations. The Manitoba Liquor and Gaming Authority (MLBA) is the governing body responsible for overseeing the distribution and sales of cannabis in Manitoba. This organization has created some strict rules for the commercialization of cannabis.

How to Buy Weed in Manitoba

Unfortunately, purchasing cannabis in Manitoba is a little different than it was before legalization. Instead, the sale of cannabis is now regulated by the private sector, and exclusively done at privately owned and operated cannabis retailers.

The first thing you should do when buying cannabis is to find a nearby store. You can do this online or by using an app like Weedmaps.

If you’re looking for a selection of high-quality cannabis. You can now toke up high-quality weed with Herb Approach, the online dispensary with a wide selection of cannabis goods.

From dried marijuana flowers, through vapes, shatters, edibles to CBD products and more, Herb Approach has everything that a real marijuana enthusiast needs.

As for signing up, the process is very fast and easy. All we need is some basic information about you and a valid proof of your age. This allows us to make sure you ca to buy marijuana. Once you complete your registration process, you can start shopping.

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Why Use Mail Order Marijuana Services in Manitoba?

Here at Herb Approach, we have everything a marijuana user needs for both recreational and medical purposes. We even offer some really rare strains that are usually hard to find!

As well as Herb Approach is trusted with quality and great customer service. We ship our products in sealed packaging to literally any province in Canada, including Manitoba. 

Once you verify your credentials and place the order. Your package will be delivered to your front door within 1-3 business days. As for the cost of shipping, if you order for $150 or more, we deliver your package for free!

Reliable and fast delivery, excellent customer service and competitive prices are not everything. We’re also very discrete, and we put great effort in keeping your personal information safe, as well as the history of your purchases. You can rest easy, all of your data will be safe!

Herb Approach in Manitoba

Cannabis Prices in Manitoba

As with any industry, the prices of cannabis products will vary from retailer to retailer. Prices will also vary depending on the quality of the product.

For example, the average price for a 1 gram of high-quality cannabis bud is between $10 – $15. The average price for a 1 gram of mid-quality cannabis bud is between $7 – $10. 

These prices don’t include taxes. The government will be adding an excise tax of $1 per gram of cannabis. This excise tax will go back into the government’s general revenue fund.

You can also look up Herb Approach as your online dispensary, where we often sell cannabis priced below $10 per gram.

You can also find higher dosage edibles often for $5 – $20. We clearly have a better $ / gram ratio than regular dispensaries. We offer same day delivery services as well! This could be a better option if you wanted to save money.

Manitoba Delivery Services for Weed

If you’re not able to travel to a store or would rather acquire your cannabis products through a delivery service, there are a variety of cannabis-by-delivery services in Manitoba.

All you have to do is call and place an order for the type of cannabis you want. Most delivery services will charge a small delivery fee. And remember: don’t forget to tip your weed delivery driver!

Mail order Marijuana can be a great option for those without a dispensary nearby. Herb Approach offers Canada wide shipping, so even if you are at those remote locations. You can still get your cannabis anywhere!

Wrapping up

There are many people who live in the province who are curious about cannabis and how to start with it.

Learning more about the basics of cannabis legalization will help you understand how to purchase and use cannabis products in Manitoba. The legalization of cannabis is a game changer, and there are many changes that come along with it.

The main change being that cannabis is now legal to consume. This article has provided you with the basics of cannabis legalization in Manitoba.