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Firstly, Dabwoods is a legit company, and this is dabwoods official website. After total research, we found the best blend of flavors and THC to best suite the needs of every vapes cartridge.

Also we assure you that our dabwoods cartridges are over 85% THC. Also Dabwoods cartridges (dab carts) are well manufactured and have no health or lungs affect on the body.

Secondly our 85% THC dab-woods cartridges are proven with specific Lab results fro its effectiveness and health safe. and our company Head Office is in California. Also we have thousands of wholes-houses stocked and ready to deliver your packages discreetly to your door step, What you pay for is what your get.

Dab Carts

Dab carts have taken the budding legal cannabis market to new highs. The main reason behind their popularity is that oil cartridges provide unprecedented convenience and discretion for cannabis consumers.

Dabwoods Cartridges – Dabwoods Cart
Dab Carts – Dab Pen Carts

Secondly Dabwoods Cartridges prices themselves of the best artistic cartridge with the wooden tip. And It gives decent solace to the lips, Also is exceptionally proficient.

Furthermore the dabwood cartridges looks like a premium CCELL. Be that as it may, it is the best premium real CCELL. Also it has a plastic ring underneath the atomizer. It’s additionally not a best CCELL on the market that they are making an effort not to fake anything, it’s only a clone. Also the dab-woods cart gives soothing and easy hits.

Something else we saw about the wooden tip is that we accept that it may influences the flavor of the cartridge as referenced before. This may not be valid, yet as far as we can tell we accept that the wooden tip emitted a wooden/oak like taste.

Dabwoods (Dab carts) official flavors:

Thirdly, Dabwoods cartridges manufactured in different premium  flavors, dabwoods flavors include;

  • Pineapple.
  • Russian.
  • Also Grapes.
  • Peaches & Cream.
  • Banana.
  • And Honey Berry.
  • Apple.
  • And Strawberry.
  • Watermelon.
  • Finally Vanilla Dabwoods.

Dabwoods Vape gives Smooth and Light Hits

Finally, the Dab-woods cartridge is decent and does give very smooth hits. The oil quality is the best and premium. Also the taste is decent and it gives clean hits. The main problem about our company is that there are many fakes out being distributed. But here we provide you the ORIGINAL DABWOODS VAPE, So we guarantee legit, safe shipping and best customer support. Official Partners with Dankwoods,Happy Dab-woods Vapes Shopping!!

Dab Carts


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