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Faded fruits

Faded Fruits Gummies by Faded Cannabis Co. debuts their take on classic, familiar candies with a new twist. These delicious Faded Cannabis Co. Fruit Pack Assorted Faded Fruits Gummies are infused with 500mg of THC for a perfectly dosed treat! 8 pieces of assorted candies are coated in a tasty sour sugar to add an extra “zing” to create one of the most enjoyable cannabis infused edibles on the market! #StayFaded

What Are Faded fruits Edibles?

Cannabis infused edibles are as prevalent as ever, becoming one of the most popular methods for consuming THC Faded Fruits edibles are regular, everyday food products that are infused with cannabis. Cannabis infused edibles are extremely versatile and can come in the form of baked goodsbeveragescandies and even chocolates. Basically any food can be combined with cannabinoids (CBD or THC) to offer a fun and tasty alternative way to medicate. Edibles tend to be very potent, and the effects are geared towards the body, making them great for those looking pain, nausea, and lack of appetite.

Fadeds 240mg THC gummies come with 8 pieces that contains 30mg of THC per piece. The Fruit Packs and Variety Packs allow you to have a little bit of everything from our whole selection of gummies. Relieve yourself of worries and aches by consuming a couple of these.

Fruit Pack Gummies by Faded Cannabis Co.


Faded Cannabis Co. Fruit Pack Gummies are a new take on classic, familiar candies with a twist. The Fruit Pack contains 8 assorted fruit flavored THC infused gummies that pack quite the punch. If youre a lover of fruits, this fruit pack will have you craving for more just to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Packed with fruity deliciousness, each bag contains 8 gummies and is sure to ENHANCE that weekend brunch with friends, that afternoon stroll through the park, or that late-night movie experience. 1 to 2 gummies are enough to have you rocketing to the moon.

Each Fruit Pack contain 8 pieces of candies per bag and two pieces of each flavour:

2 x Strawberry Daze
2 x Berry Blue Raspberry
2 x Peach Drops
2 x Grape Crush
Lab Tested, Gluten-Free & Locally Sourced in BC


Start with 1 dose (30mg per candy)
Allow 45 – 90 minutes for effects to take place
Consume as needed
Do not store in heat
Total Dosage Of Package = 240mg THC (30mg per Fruit Gummy)


Sugar, Cannabis THC Extract, Corn Syrup, Corn Starch, Gelatin, Citric Acid, Pectin, Artificial Flavours, Colour.

Faded Fruits Gummies

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Cherry Og, Raspberry Sherbet, Mango Kush, Cotton Candy Kush, Grapefruits Haze, Grape Ape


Faded Fruits


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