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When you buy budder online from Herb Approach, you’re buying a cannabis extract that’s known for its creamy, butter-like consistency. It’s one of the best extracts in Canada to use because of how soft and easy it is to handle. A favorite among cannabis enthusiasts as it delivers highly potent effects

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What Is Budder

Budder is a type of cannabis concentrate that has a consistency similar to butter, a smooth and creamy texture. There is a lengthy process to creating budder, as extracting the oils from the cannabis plant requires using solvents like butane or CO2. These oils extracted then require another purging process to remove any solvents for a cleaner product. As a result, budder is a much purer cannabis product to enjoy. This process also ensures that the budder’s flavor and aromas are enhanced for a richer taste and potent experience.

How To Smoke Budder

One of the most effective ways to smoke budder is through dabbing. This process involves heating a small amount of budder on a nail to vaporize the concentrate. Dabbing produces a vapor that is a favorite among users because it delivers a pure, potent hit quickly. However, you may also add budder onto your cannabis flower to increase the potency of your weed. If you prefer to smoke budder on the go, then a vape pen designed for concentrates may be the best option for you. Vape pens are favored for its discreteness and portability.

Budder Canada

When you buy budder online in Canada from Herb Approach, you’re buying from growers who love the craft and are connoisseurs themselves. Budder is favored in the cannabis community for how easy it is to use and its flavor and potency. Whether this is your first time trying budder or you’re a veteran, anyone would appreciate good weed and great cannabis extracts when they see it. Explore the wide selection of budder we carry on our shelves and find the best flavor for you!