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THC Diamonds Canada

THC Diamonds are often ranked as one of the most potent forms of cannabis extracts available because they typically contain 97-99% THCA. Many users like THCA for its ability to produce a stronger mind high, and enjoy that its effects last for longer periods of time. THCA is the purest form out of all extracts and holds the highest concentration of THC. This cannabis extract is ideal for the experienced users who want a more pure but powerful high. Buy THC Diamonds in Canada at Herb Approach if you’re looking for a highly pure concentrate to enjoy.

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What Are THC Diamonds

THC Diamonds are a type of cannabis concentrate named after its crystalline appearance that looks like diamonds. These sparkling crystals contain nearly pure, 99% THCA and are considered one of the most potent extracts available. The process to create THC diamonds requires using solvents to extract cannabinoids and isolate the THCA molecule.

THCA Diamonds

THCA is often referred to as inactivated THC, which means its currently non-psychoactive. However when it is decarboxylated, it converts into the psychoactive properties of THC and produces the “high” effects immediately. THCA is the purest form out of all extracts and holds the highest concentration of THC.

How To Smoke THC Diamonds

One of the most effective ways to smoke THC diamonds is through dabbing. This process involves heating a dab rig with a small amount of THC diamonds to vaporize the concentrate. Dabbing produces a vapor that is a favorite among users because it delivers a pure, potent hit quickly. However, you may also add THC diamonds onto your cannabis flower to increase the potency of your cannabis flower. If you prefer to smoke THC diamonds out and about, then a vape pen designed for concentrates may be the best option for you.

Buy THC Diamonds Online

Discover why THC diamonds are considered the ultimate concentrate available in Canada. THC diamonds are perfect for those who are looking for a powerful recreational experience or users needing significant therapeutic effects. THC Diamonds can be added to your pre rolls, vaporized, or even used in making really potent edibles. Buy THC diamonds online in Canada from Herb Approach, and receive your order with free express shipping.